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Storytelling and gamification to engage the public in discovery !

Urban Expé.

Urban Expé develops unforgettable experiences that are connected, interactive and scripted to offer the general public the opportunity to live the story being told.

Urban Expé carries out scripted interactive experiences in the field of leisure and more specifically in the tourism and sports sectors. 

They take the form of mobile applications (outdoor) and connected spaces (indoor). The participant becomes the actor of the story being told.

Through the most suitable digital solution, we tell stories to live.


Multiplayer timed adventure to discover the richness of your cultural place.

Coaching and training in storytelling and gamification to create commitment.

Studies, recommendations, design and realization of scripted interactive experiences.




For the most trivial event to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient to start telling about it.

Jean-Paul Sartre, extract from La Nausée

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