With our playful sports adventures: move to progress, play to exercise !

For a entertaining physical activity 

Use your phone to track your movements and move forward into the game with your computer's browser ! Gamification diverts attention from the effort and brings replayability of experience !

Test our online demo > Expé Store :


For a physical and remote engagement

Organize real-time challenges at home or in a physical space.

Embark participants on a collaborative adventure !  

Quickly activatable, it is digital entertainment for your team, your collaborators or your audience ! Users with a specific code have access to the game with your logo throughout the experience.

For access to an example of a challenge: in the Expé Store application> add @demo to your nickname.


We are at your disposal to discuss your needs !


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Prior to that we were in a sport room/ fitness room

Discover the ExtraS teaser!

Participants are embarked on an immersive real-time adventure : touch interfaces, sound, light and video translate their actions and movements into the game.

Our first game :
Escape to Mars


When you are asked to reach the moon, aim for Mars!


Playful Innovation & Game Design Prize

Serious Escape Game Awards 2017

February 2018

Keep Cool at thecamp, at Aix-en-Provence

Associated partners : MoovLab, Orbe, Izitek, Red Banana et Gerflor

A 40-minute sports (and space!) mission takes participants to Mars. It's a unique and gamified sporting experience.

Participants evolve in a space shuttle with hybrid power: the spacecraft can be powered by human strength! Some surprises will bring challenges for a sporting experience without the effort being felt.

The participants are equipped with sensors and are divided into 4 sports areas: boxing, chestpress, cycling, rowing. Several stages allow them to change machines and make strategic choices! The light and sound atmosphere follows the sporting progress.


Discover the video Report 20h on M6 !