Choose your adventure ! Embark on a ship sailing between the clouds, compete in an arena in orbit with all the creatures of the universe…


Very soon an “ ExtraS catalogue ” with rich and varied games!

We imagine for you a multitude of possibilities, with more or less sporty scenarios.

The Magic Ship


4 min

1 to 2 players

Embark on a boat sailing between the clouds.


Are you ready to save the world in less than 5 minutes?

On a flying boat powered by a bicycle, the player advances as quickly as possible. 

His teammate faces, due to his synchronized movements, a creature that prevents them to move forward. Be strategic to win as a team!

October 2019

Orbital Games

Intergalactic teams compete to win the Orbital Games.

Embark on an arena in orbit with all the creatures of the universe !

Space sports competition is based on extraordinary playing rules. A flamboyant adventure !


1 player


June 2020